SEO in Adelaide. Is it even a good fit for your company?

The purpose of this article is to give you clarity on whether your company in Adelaide even needs the expertise of an SEO consultant. I am going to cover the key factors to consider when deciding on whether your business will return positive on your investment with an SEO company. Adelaide is very much in the development stage with respect to digital marketing in comparison to other major cities in Australia. However, for particular niches, there are copious amounts of money to be made by having an online presence with Google. The following are the set of criteria I would assess before making the investment in an SEO Adelaide company:

  • What’s the net profit of a client/customer in a given year?

If you are a business owner I’m sure you have heard the spill that your company NEEDS to be on page 1 of Google for keywords relative to your market. But do you really need SEO? The way I determine whether a company requires SEO or not commences with calculating the net profit of a client/customer in a given year. In other words, how much profit will a single customer input to the business over the course of a year?

  • How many people are actually searching for your services per month?

This is an obvious but forgotten element for many business owners when deciding to collaborate with an SEO specialist. If you have haven’t already, make a free Google AdWords account and utilize the keyword planner tool. If you are a local business in Adelaide, try searching for the broadest phrase for your market. For example, if are a law firm, try something like: “Adelaide Lawyers” or “Lawyers Adelaide” etc. This will give a great indication for how many people are searching for your services in a given month. Using this tool will give ideas for other surrounding keywords in your market & location.

SEO in Adelaide

  • Combining net profit with searches per month

This is essentially the crunch when it comes to making a decision on whether SEO Adelaide is suitable for your company. To make this simplistic to understand, I’m going to demonstrate this concept with two different examples:

1. Food Chain

Let’s say you have a food chain in Adelaide and your average customer spends $120 per year ($12 per month). By looking at the keyword planner tool you discover that 1000 people are searching for your food product in your location. Now, if your food chain was in the number one spot on Google for this particular keyword, let’s also say that 70% of the traffic clicks on your website (generous) and 50% of that traffic is converted. As a result, that is a revenue increase of $4200 (not profit). To rank in the number position for a keyword, it takes time, energy and resources. An SEO company could potentially charge $3000 plus per month to rank for a keyword receiving that much volume. I think you can make the decision whether SEO would be a good fit for this market.

2.  Law Firm

Conversely, let’s work through the same thought process, but within the law niche. Let’s say the average client to a law firm is worth $12000 per year (on the low side) and 1000 people are searching for “Lawyer in Adelaide” per month. Again let’s say this particular law firm is in position one on Google for this keyword and receive 50% of the traffic. Very modestly, this law firm converts 5% of this traffic. That’s $25000 worth of revenue from Google. These calculations are very approximate, but you get the concept. An SEO expert charging $4000 per month is almost being undercut by the law firm.

Adelaide South Australia

In my experience, I would recommend hiring an SEO expert in Adelaide that ranks on page one for multiple SEO related keywords in Adelaide.

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